Volume Amplifier helps you if the song or video is too quiet even on the maximum. With our volume booster, you can increase the volume up to +600%. Also, modern websites are crowded with media content such as video, music, streaming video, audio, and ads. To take control of all this sound, you need a volume control tool with the ability to set individual volume settings for each tab.

Fell the real difference with the new and amazing sound booster. You'll notice a remarkable improvement in the sound on your pc. Volume booster is a simple and pretty useful application for the google chrome browser. It'll come in handy for those, who want to increase the volume of audio or video on their devices. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use the extension.

Volume booster allows you to manage the volume level of multiple chrome tabs in a simple manner. If you have recently noticed, that your devices can`t provide the sound level you need, install a sound booster to fix the problem.



We are not responsible for anything that might happen to your speakers or another audio device! Do not listen at full sound volume or with a bass boost for too long. This can be harmful to your speakers. Use it wisely!

We hope you find our Volume Booster useful! We are waiting for your feedback and ratings!